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Hello all, in these troubled times the blog is being updated once again.

I have received news that prior to the pandemic cards were distributed amongst women and children at a JRS run child protection space in Tapachula, Mexico.

This was a slight shock to me because one doesn’t typically think of these cards as going to people just south of myself (currently in Canada). They are not only going to refugees outside of their countries fleeing from war and greater conflicts but also to people who are fleeing violence and other hostile factors inside of their own homes.

Some time after this more postcards were distributed at a group therapy session in order to help ease their suffering and help engage the healing process that many of these women and families are engaging in.

The Women’s Trust Group later sent a message thanking the writers of the cards for the unconditional love bestowed upon them. The translation can be seen below

“To You (the writers of Any Refugee Postcards)

Upon receiving your postcards we are filled with strength, gratitude, and we are encouraged and nourished to continue forward.

As we read your words, we are reminded that this process does not last forever and that good people are present throughout this world.

We also want to say that you must not tire in advocating for us who are here [in Mexico]. Your advocacy is our blessing, because we can see that God has people preparing the way.

May God bless you in the same way, because without knowing who we are, you keep us in your thoughts.

  • The Women’s Trust Group”

Seeing such good come out of this project truly does warm my heart and I can only help but thank all of you for showing such kindness through these cards. Thank you.


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